One Bad Decision Shouldn’t Be A Life Sentence

My name is Roan J. Confer, Jr. and I believe that everyone deserves a skilled and knowledgeable defense attorney after receiving criminal charges. For over 20 years, I have practiced only criminal law. Put my decades of experience to work for you and protect your future by contacting my law firm today.

Fighting For Clients Throughout Williamsport, Pennsylvania And The Surrounding Area

Arrested? Charged With A Crime? I Can Help You

Experienced Representation From a Dedicated, Local Attorney

For over two decades I’ve been fighting for clients charged with driving under the influence (DUI), drug offenses, assaults, homicide, white collar crimes and other criminal charges. Throughout my career I’ve held several positions in the criminal area. I’m a former Executive District Attorney who was in charge of the County Drug Task Force. Additionally, I was cross-designated as an Assistant United States Attorney and a Specially-Appointed Deputy Attorney General in Pennsylvania to appear before the state Grand Jury dealing with drug cases. I also have experience presenting evidence before the County Grand Jury in homicide cases. For every client I represent, I utilize not only my decades of experience fighting for clients’ rights, but also my knowledge of the local court system and laws to fight for your rights and protect your future.

Getting Charges Dropped Or Reduced

A criminal conviction carries more than a stigma and potential fines or jail time. It can affect your career, your family and the relationships where you live and almost every other aspect of your life. My priority for every client is not just to fight for their rights but also to have the charges against them minimized or dismissed. One moment in time should not define the rest of your life. I’m committed to making sure your side of the story is told and your future is secure.

Personalized Guidance Through
Tough Situations

At my firm it’s important that you feel valued, respected and heard throughout every step of the legal process. I will sit down with you one-on-one and explain your options while addressing your concerns and answering your questions. From that point on, I will take over your case. I will make sure you are informed about how your case is progressing and I will monitor all legal deadlines. From the moment I take your case, I will do everything possible to protect you. I’m an advocate who will always fight for your rights.

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