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Roan J. Confer, Jr.

Attorney at Law

I’ve been practicing criminal law—and only criminal law—for over 20 years. I handle every single criminal case imaginable, including DUIs, drug offenses, and violent crimes. I began practicing law in 1997 and have been honing my legal skills ever since, including time at the District Attorney's Office and on the County Drug Task Force. However, I got tired of seeing bad things happen to good people. In 2006, I opened my own firm dedicated to defending criminally accused individuals across Pennsylvania. Now, I get to use my skills to help people in need, not put them away. Discover how I can defend you after a criminal charge in Central Pennsylvania. I represent clients in Williamsport, Sunbury, and Lewisburg, as well as Lycoming, Northumberland, Montour, Union, Bradford, and Tioga counties.

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I’ve been working as a criminal defense attorney since 2006. I’ll use my extensive industry knowledge to inform you of your options and fiercely represent you in trial. If you were recently charged with a DUI, theft, assault, or another crime, I'm ready to defend you. I'm also able to help you seek justice after an accusation of white-collar crime, like embezzlement, or a homicide charge.

Ready to Protect Your Future

I’ve handled numerous cases on behalf of college students and other young people whose reckless mistakes have landed them DUI, drug, or theft charges. However, I know that committing a crime doesn’t make you a bad person. I’ll do my best to reduce the penalties you're facing, or even have them dismissed altogether. Your future matters. Let me be the one to help you protect it.


Here for You No Matter What

The Pennsylvania justice system can be overwhelming. It has a very high incarceration rate compared to other states, and even other developed countries. I don’t want you to be another statistic, so I’ll fight to defend your case—even if that means going all the way to trial. I know the work I do matters to people, which is why represent each client with compassion and dedication.

At Confer Law Office, P.C., I'm prepared to have your back throughout your entire case, no matter what it takes. I can even help you work to get some crimes, like DUI charges, completely dropped so you never have to face the legal system at all. As a former prosecutor, I know what the other side looks for in criminal cases, making me better able to spot weaknesses in their arguments. For skilled defense after an assault, theft, or drug charge, contact me today,

I have total compassion for my clients and their loved ones. In my opinion, the worst things that can happen to families are crimes and divorces. This can be a scary process, but I’ll have your back. I’ll even give you my personal phone number so you can reach out to me whenever you have questions. I care about my clients, not just as defendants but as people. After all, behind every case is a face. I want to help you seek justice so you can go back to a normal life.

I proudly defend clients in Williamsport and throughout Lycoming County, as well the neighboring areas of Sunbury, and Lewisburg. After a criminal charge in Central Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in the state, reach out to me for experienced and aggressive representation. I'll set you up with a free consultation so you can start telling your story and pursuing a path forward.