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Criminal Defense Attorney in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

A Skilled Defense Does Make a Difference

When you are accused of a crime, solid legal counsel and representation are important because of the potential court-imposed penalties and collateral consequences.

I am attorney Roan J. Confer, Jr. and I have spent over two decades practicing criminal law. My years of experience and knowledge of the local courts can potentially change the outcome of your criminal case. I will try to get your charges dropped, modified, or I will defend you in court and trial to fight for your freedom and your future. Schedule a free consultation with me today to discuss your criminal charges in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I serve those in Lycoming County, Sunbury, Lewisburg, and throughout the state.

Charged with a Crime in Pennsylvania?

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A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

I spent over five years in the Lycoming County District Attorney’s Office. As an Assistant Defense Attorney and Executive Defense Attorney, l learned how to fashion a case from the available evidence. As a criminal defense attorney, I have used those prosecutor insights to challenge the charges my clients face. I have maintained a professional working relationship with law enforcement and prosecutors in Central Pennsylvania. That mutual respect enables me to defend my clients vigorously and negotiate favorable outcomes.

Effective Representation for Any Criminal Charges

I practice in the state and federal courts of central Pennsylvania, with experience handling all crimes, including:

I strive to take immediate action to safeguard your rights, from search warrants to police interrogation to bail hearings. I explore every opportunity to dismiss the charges or mitigate the punishment. Many nonviolent crimes, for example, may qualify for accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) to avoid jail or keep the conviction off your record.

When college students face criminal charges, the punishment can exceed the crime. That young adult can be kicked out of school or lose financial aid eligibility, with a ripple effect on their future. I have defended students of Penn College, Lycoming College, Bucknell University, Lock Haven University, Bloomsburg University, Penn State University, Mansfield University and other area schools who were arrested for drug and alcohol offenses, assaults, vandalism, disorderly conduct and other crimes.

Don’t Let One Arrest Determine Your Life

One impulsive act or poor judgment does not make you a criminal, but a conviction can have immediate and long-term effects. It is more common than it should be that people are charged with crimes they did not do. At Confer Law Office, P.C., you can trust that I will use my knowledge and experience to fight for the best possible result. Reach out to me today in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I advocate for the accused throughout the state, including those in Northumberland, Montour, Union, Bradford, and Tioga counties.