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Drug Offenses Attorney in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

A Drug Arrest Is Not
The End of The Story

Drug crimes are punished harshly. If you have been charged with possessing or distributing drugs, you need a top-notch, knowledgeable, and experienced defense attorney.

My name is Roan J. Confer Jr. Before I became a criminal defense lawyer, I was a prosecutor. In fact, I supervised the local drug task force. Put my 20-plus years of experience to work for you. I know what is at stake and how to challenge drug charges to give you the best shot at a favorable outcome.

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Experienced Drug Crime Defense (State And Federal)

I have experience with the full spectrum of drug offenses and related criminal charges:

  • Marijuana possession

  • Possession of street drugs (cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, meth)

  • Possession of oxycodone or other prescription drugs

  • Possession with intent to distribute

  • Drug trafficking

  • Cultivating or manufacturing

  • Money laundering

  • Weapon enhancements

Drug offenses carry the real possibility of jail or prison time. The resulting criminal record can also affect college scholarships or financial aid, employment opportunities, and other facets of life. I work hard to spare you from a felony conviction if possible by getting the charges dismissed or reduced, by getting tainted evidence excluded, or by going to trial and forcing the prosecution to prove its case.

Need help with a drug problem? I realize that addiction makes good people do illegal things. First-time drug offenders may qualify for accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) to avoid jail and a criminal record in exchange for completing drug treatment and other requirements of the court. ARD can be a win-win for everyone.

An Ex-Prosecutor Knows
How To Work Your Case

I started my career in the Lycoming County District Attorney’s Office. As an Executive District Attorney, I was in charge of the county’s drug task force, including writing and authorizing search warrants. In my prosecutor days, I was also “deputized” as an assistant U.S. attorney to coordinate with federal prosecutors in drug investigations. I am thoroughly versed in both state and federal drug laws and criminal procedures.

Since 2005, I have defended the accused, drawing on that experience as a DA to defend my clients in state and federal courts of Pennsylvania. I know how to defend drug charges, starting with Fourth Amendment defenses relating to unlawful search or seizure.

You Are Not Alone

I will be there with you at every stage of the criminal justice system, protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom. If you have been arrested for drugs or suspect you are under investigation, call Confer Law Office, P.C. in Williamsport to schedule a consultation, or use my online form to give a few details. I practice in Lycoming County and all of Central Pennsylvania.