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Many people do not realize the full impact of a DUI arrest – or the value of a good DUI defense lawyer. A conviction for driving under the influence affects your finances, your employment, your family, and your everyday freedoms.

Call Confer Law Office, P.C., for experienced defense against drunk driving charges. I am a former prosecutor with 20-plus years of experience in Pennsylvania criminal law. I will fight for you to avoid a DUI conviction or limit the punishment.

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Pennsylvania has a three-tiered system for DUI, based on blood alcohol content (BAC) and prior offenses:

  • A first offense of DUI with a BAC less than .10 carries a fine, probation, safety school, and treatment if ordered.

  • A first-time DUI with a BAC of .10 to .159 is much harsher: 12-month license suspension, minimum jail time, a large fine, plus safety school and treatment.

  • A first DUI with a BAC of .16 or greater carries a 12-month suspension, possible prison time, a fine of $1,000 to $5,000, and all the other penalties.

  • A first offense of refusing the breath test carries the same penalties as a high-BAC offense.

The punishments escalate sharply if you have a prior DUI on your record. Namely, any driver convicted of a second DUI must install an ignition interlock on all vehicles before driving privileges are restored. Fines and mandatory jail time also increase for a second and third offense.

The collateral consequences of a DUI conviction are also severe. Your insurance rates will go up. The criminal record will show up on background checks and bar you from some jobs. There is also the social stigma of a DUI and the hardships of not being able to drive a car.

Yes, You Can Fight a DUI

I examine every detail of your arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol (or drugs). Did the officer have reasonable cause to pull you over? Was your arrest based mostly on how you “performed” on field sobriety tests? Were you advised of your rights? Was the breathalyzer properly calibrated and correctly operated? Were you barely over the limit?

My two decades of experience enable me to cast reasonable doubt. That, in turn, may lead to dismissal of your DUI charges or a plea to a lesser non-DUI offense. If you have no priors, you qualify for an accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) which keeps the DUI conviction off your criminal record. I am also prepared to go to court to challenge the prosecution’s case.

Put Your DUI Arrest in The Rear-View Mirror

I have defended people from all walks of life: local college students, professionals, business owners, retirees out for a night on the town. Whatever your circumstances, do not go to court without legal representation. You can also contact me online to arrange a consultation. I practice in the courts of Lycoming County and surrounding jurisdictions.